Saturday, 15 April 2017

Tips for Choosing The Best Driving School

It’s time – your teen has turned 16 and is raring to get his or her G1. CAA has almost six decades of driver training experience, and we know that this exciting time in a young person’s life is full of big decisions. Deciding what driver training school to enroll with is one of the biggest. Learning to drive is an important life skill that requires a great foundation and lots of research.

CAA helps parents and teens choose the right driving school with ease. The CAA Approved Driving School Network (ADSN) is comprised of independently-owned driving schools that meet CAA’s driver training standards. They exclusively teach the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO)’s approved CAA How to Drive Beginner Driver Education course. We’ve done our homework to plan a curriculum that helps teens and beginner drivers learn the skills they need to drive safely.

If an ASDN isn’t conveniently located, CAA is still there to help you choose the best driving course for your teen. We recommend these tips to help you find a great driving school:

Find a course that’s MTO-approved. Beginner Driver Education Programs must be MTO-approved in order for graduates to apply for their G2 road test 4 months earlier than new drivers who don’t complete an MTO-approved course. All of our ADSN locations teach an MTO-approved curriculum that meets and exceeds Ministry standards.

Ensure the driving school is licensed by the MTO. All of CAA’s ASDN locations are properly licensed. If you choose a school that is not an ASDN, ensure that it’s not on the MTO’s list of revoked driving schools.

Verify the instructor’s credentials and class size requirements. Smaller class sizes mean that your teen will get more one-on-one education. The instructor should hold proper insurance and a MTO Provincial Instructor Licence in order to teach a driving education course. He or she should also provide progress and evaluation reports to students throughout the course.

Verify that the training vehicles are insured and properly plated. All training vehicles should be identified as such, endorsed and insured appropriately. The Driver Instructor Licence should be displayed in the training vehicle at all times while providing instruction.

Asking family and friends for driving school recommendations or reading online reviews can go a long way to finding a school that you and your teen will be comfortable with

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Car Maintenance Tips for Spring and Summers

From spring-cleaning to tire changes, having your vehicle ready for spring is an essential process which can save you from a whole lot of potential damage afterwards. You will want to be certain that your auto is prepared to handle every one of the rain and heat that's coming its way. Winter driving will splash loads of salt and grime from the roads onto your vehicle, so you ought to have them washed down with somewhat additional attention.

Here are a few tips to prepare your vehicle for spring. It is often vital that you confirm the air in your tires regularly.

First you'll want to bring it to an auto wash with high pressure washers and make certain to pick the undercarriage wash. Provide your car a thorough clean, making certain to wash the undercarriage, as salt, soil, and grime can develop on the bottom of the car throughout the Winter months. Ensure that it stays clean One of the most crucial things which are possible to do as an automobile owner is maintain your vehicle clean.

Should you notice your vehicle constantly pulls to a side or doesn't drive straight ahead whenever your steering wheel is centered, then it may be a fantastic idea to go to a neighborhood alignment shop. A $75 alignment can enhance your car's handling, and stop you from needing to spend hundreds on a premature pack of tires. In addition, taking a peek at your auto once a while does go a considerable ways. By obeying the above 3 tips, you can enhance your car's safety, improve performance, and reach your car look great at the similar time!

Standard oil changes can make a big difference in making certain your car has a long, healthier lifestyle. As temperatures rise, it's critical to be sure your auto's engine is getting adequately cooled. Ensure that your car has plenty of oil and the coolant level is right at the appropriate level. Be sure you supply you with car an excellent scrub down and take the additional time to get it properly waxed.

To be able to guard your investment, and be certain your auto is as safe and economical as it can certainly be, you are required to really know how to prepare your own car for spring. Your car dealer's parts department will probably possess the correct manufacturer-approved goods, or at least can make the appropriate recommendation in regards to what you have to buy. Additionally, winter brought the brand new year, so make sure to check in with your insurance policy agent for absolutely any new car insurance discounts which might have been added in recent months! It'll offer recommendations about exactly what should be improved and drivers will have the ability to enhance their cars. Ordinary dish washing liquid as well as a clean, soft sponge is going to do nicely Make sure to use a different sponge though for the human body along with the wheels, you don't desire to scratch your vehicle.

With spring's arrival, there are some things which each auto owner ought to keep in mind when preparing an automobile for spring. Such weather requires a toll on your own car which is the reason why it is important to choose the time and prepare your vehicle for spring. In addition, be certain to inspect the car's battery as it might have lost capacity throughout the winter. The spring is an excellent time to think about replacing this significant part your car or truck. Opening the cap as soon as your car was driven can be quite dangerous. Calculate how much time it took for your vehicle to come to a comprehensive stop.

With Spring just round the corner, now is a perfect time to look after your Honda vehicle. Shining your tires with Armor All is a fast and uncomplicated way to make your automobile appear to be a collectible. Most cars have a fluid level gauge, so ask your owner's manual to uncover just how to confirm the level in your distinct model. If there's an issue, take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic, and receive the alignment sorted whenever possible. Should you be not certain where you are able to get these, seek advice from your vehicle handbook or take the car to an experienced mechanic for assistance. If you are going to own the automobile for a number of years, this may be proof that you've taken care of it when it's time to sell it.

It's definitely less difficult to prepare for spring than for winter, but there are nevertheless a few things you ought to take good care of. When it comes to outside of your vehicle, you don't need to spend hours waxing it daily. Here are a couple straightforward suggestions to help maintain your car sparkling clean. If your auto requires an once-over, remember to get it in to us for a detail! Go to an excellent car wash locally and get the costlier package, which ought to incorporate undercarriage cleaning. It is wise to provide your car an expert waxing too, done by means of a technician with quality materials.
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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Elon Musk's Vision with Tesla Model 3

All of us have seen Tesla fans standing in lines in front of Tesla Showrooms with a thousand dollar in their hands in order to book the company's upcoming model 3. Fan following was so intense that at the time when Elon Musk uncovered the new model 3 at the event, there were already over a hundred thousand bookings done by customers.
Tesla has been able to get a lot of money and press from it's recent event. Assumptions are that Tesla Model 3 has already made more than four hundred millions for Tesla in advance bookings.
It all sounds really good but the promise that Elon Musk has made with the world seems really hard to accomplish. He said that the company will be making around two hundred thousand cars a year by 2018 which if take a look at company's total manufacturing up until now is going to be a big concern for Tesla.
We hope Elon has some action plans on how he is going to accomplish this goal.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Nvidia Might Be Way Ahead Of Google and Tesla in Self Driving Cars

Nvidia - The way its meant to be played.

Nvidia – A graphics cards manufacturer recently published a paper on Cornell University Library explaining how it has developed a new system for self-driving cars that can teach itself to drive in various kinds of road conditions such as snowy and winding roads.
They also published numerous videos on their YouTube channel from CES 2016 showing off their vehicles and chips in work.
Nvidia’s technology makes it possible for cars or the AI computers in cars to learn to drive on its own and from very little data from the outside. It can also drive in situations such as roads without any painted lines. Currently, most of the autonomous vehicles rely on road’s markings to see the edge of the road.
The manufacturer is currently working on making Drive PX and PX 2 series chips which can be used by all automakers for their autonomous cars.
Here is the video from CES 2016:

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Best Tyres for Driving in Sand

Choosing a right tire for your car is very important and with the number of options available, it could get a little confusing to choose one from the different varieties. While there is no perfect type of tire for all kinds of uses. So the tire that would be most useful and helpful for you depends highly on your usage, whether conditions and car type. Therefore, with each option you will get some features that will not be available in others and you will have to sacrifice at least few features according to type of tire you choose to go with.

Tires for Sand Driving
And then there are also many variants in shapes and patterns. So you might like the look of one better than the other. Which makes the whole selection process even harder as the features that you want might not come in your favorite pattern or your favorite pattern may not be available in your preferred material.

Here we are mainly going to discuss tires for driving in the dessert or sand. Feel free to send your suggestions through comments if you think we missed something.

In usage of tires on sand or desserts, you should go with the large tires which offers more connection with the ground and keep the truck or car safe from sinking in the sand.

Then the type of pattern you go with depends on your choice and the power of your car of truck. As more powerful engine would be better off with paddle tires while this is not so true for low power engines.

Your tires’ pressure should also not be very low. There are few other tips which can help you in driving on sand. Feel free to go ahead and read them.